Farmhouse Jukebox

The latest addition to the Farmhouse, and it's one we're very excited about.  Our first ever jukebox, the beautiful 80's classic that is the Performer Grand 2000.  It's not the outside, but what's inside that counts though eh?  So we've got as many people as possible who we love in the music industry to supply us with their classic jukebox tunes. From Josh Weller to DJ Format, we've got some amazing suggstions for the best pub music going - and what with the extra celeb factor we may as well claim this as Kent's 'bestest' jukebox ...

We've managed to bag some great playlists from the likes of:

Pete Molinari

Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)

Kid Harpoon


Billy Childish

Josh Weller

DJ Format

Caius Pawson (Young Turks)

The Agitator (Derek Meins & Robert Dylan Thomas)

Various Images