The Ashcan Theatre Company presents Benchmark

Tuesday 27th of March 2012

Ashcan Theatre Company’s next Café Theatre production at The Farmhouse, Canterbury will be an exciting double-bill of contemporary short plays. Under the umbrella title of Benchmark, the programme will comprise The Mikado by the highly acclaimed playwright Mark Ravenhill, and Wigs and Knickers, a brand new play by company member Nigel Banks.

The Mikado is set on a bench in a public Japanese-style garden (which explains the Gilbert & Sullivan reference in the title), where Alan and Peter, a middle-aged couple, are spending an apparently pleasant day out. However, Peter then drops a bombshell by revealing that his cancer, which was apparently in remission, has now aggressively come back. Ravenhill deals with the situation in an unsentimental, yet poignant fashion. The role of Alan is being played by Nigel Touch, making his acting debut for the company, and Peter by Brian Ross. The play is being directed by Nigel Banks.

Wigs and Knickers also features two seated characters, but this time in the waiting area of the Oncology Department in a hospital. Catherine and Mel have both arrived for appointments to see a consultant. Mel has already had one mastectomy some years ago, but fears that she may have to have another, while Catherine is waiting for the biopsy results on a lump in her breast. The differences don’t stop there. The two women come from polar-opposite social backgrounds and have very different life-stories to tell, yet still manage to find that they have things in common. Containing healthy doses of bawdy, black humour, the play presents an upbeat portrayal of courage in the face of adversity. The part of Catherine is being played by S-J Vant, making a welcome return to Ashcan ranks. Mel is being played by Lisa Nightingale, last seen in Ashcan’s 2011 production of Mixed Doubles. The play is being directed by Sarah Gooch, making her directorial debut for the company. Wigs and Knickers is the second play by company member Nigel Banks to be staged by Ashcan. His first play Vacant Possession was premiered at The Farmhouse in October 2011.

The two plays will be performed at The Farmhouse, Canterbury on Tuesday March 27th, Wednesday March 28th and Thursday March 29th.

Tickets cost £17.00 (includes the cost of a 2 course meal) and, as the seating capacity is strictly limited, pre-booking is essential.

To reserve your table, telephone 01227-456118.

Doors open at 7pm, and the performance will begin at 9.15pm approx.


The Ashcan Theatre Company presents Benchmark
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